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Successful RealtorsCoaching is now a strategic choice for real estate agents who want to become more profitable.Many prosperous sportspeople, executives and even entrepreneurs are guided by coaches who advise, educate and motivate them. Real estate brokers and agents are not the exception – they also want to optimize their efforts. Coaching is different from consulting or training as coaches do not need real estate experience but yet, exert to remove obstacles in the paths of prospective Successful Realtors. They help them generate leads and turn those leads into signed business.

What is the right coach like?

The right coach has completed professional training and is qualified by an International Coach Federation-accredited school. They are more concerned about forming Successful Realtors than adding a client to their list and, they usually take the time to understand what is holding real estate agents back and help them break through. Successful Realtors need online marketing strategies, social media and video to attract and convert clients. Coaches should be able to help them with marketing plans and schemes for them to acquire new suitable clients. Good coaches tailor their programs to fit the agents’ selling styles, market segments and income profiles, and include seminars, one-to-one sessions and audiovisual training because potentially Successful Realtors need to listen to and see what other highly profitable agents do in order to build on the necessary skills to market homes and set up strategies and goals to address future buyers.

Problems Successful Realtors Face

One of the difficulties realtors face is paper work. Coaches can help eliminate paper by adding technology to their clients’ gadgets. Sometimes agents have to race across the city to get a signature while their competitors are signing on iPads. It is also awkward when they arrange an open house because they have to take listings, write offers or disclose information on site. Successful Realtors cut their workload down to more than half by going paperless. Instead of filling out thousands of forms they just have to pull out a form in the system and work on it. They need to focus their resources on the optimal opportunities to increase sales and attain a sustainable competitive advantage. They have to design measurable goals and include multi-year tactical plans with detail actions. Their marketing strategies have to take a long term view, and tools like customer lifetime value models that may help simulate the effects of strategy on acquisition, revenue per customer and churn rate. Another challenge they face is identifying blind spots and discovering their own strengths. A coach helps Successful Realtors uncover their assets and build upon them working together on the steps that need to be taken and set measurable goals which should be followed up on.
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