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Turnberry Realty Is Located In Aventura, Florida. “The City Of Excellence” Bayfront Homes & Condos

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Aventura is a planned, suburban city located in northeastern Miami-Dade County, Florida. The city name is from the Spanish word for “adventure”, and was named “Aventura” after one of the developers of the original group of condominiums in the area remarked to the others, “What an adventure this is going to be. The name predates the well known mall (Aventura Mall) built near the condominium developments.

Tips for Buying a Luxury Home in the City of Aventura From Turnberry International Realty

It is a fact that the city of Aventura has a really steaming luxury real estate market. It attracts both locals and international buyers you are keen on owning a piece of the luxurious homes in this beach city. But while in the process of doing so, a number of buyers end up getting totally wrong deals which make them regret their decision to buy. All these can however be avoided by proper and adequate planning so that you only get the property for you which you had hoped for. If you have any intentions of owning luxurious real estate in the city of Aventura, kindly consider the tips given below so that you increase your chances of getting a good deal.

Financing the luxury home purchase

There is a general misconception that those who buy luxury homes have fat bank accounts and they normally deal with cash transaction. This is far from the truth. According to statistics, only 30% of the buyers pay with cash but the rest arrange for appropriate lending options so that they can manage to purchase the house in good time. You also need not to fret if you don’t have cash but you can organize for appropriate finances in good time to enable you get the house.

Use a real estate agent From Turnberry International Realty

Real estate agents in the city of Aventura are well conversant with the luxury homes landscape of the region more than you can imagine. They will tell you which deals are going on where and you can utilize their knowledge to find some good bargains. It will be a waste of time for you to try and do the hunting alone especially if you are a foreigner.

Don’t be in a hurry

Though it is advisable to time you purchase so that you get a quality luxury home at a fair price, you should avoid the temptation to hurry with the fears that the property might rise in value and make you spend more money on the purchase. Take your time and together with advice of your real estate agent, only pull the trigger when you are absolutely certain and are convinced beyond any doubts that you have a good deal.

If you have any questions about Real Estate in the Aventura area, please call Turnberry International Realty at 305-935-0300 or visit us online at www.TurnberryRealty.Com

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